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10. We are now safe to move. So, Uncheck Preview (No Precalculations) and increase the Samples to 50. Also, check Radius and Min. Radius and adjust the value as shown.

Hit render (F9) .

The color bleed effect is now also visible, you can see it where those teapots on the fore-ground floor are. However, it seems like we need more Final Gather samples to finalize this render

11. Increase Final Gather Samples to 150

12. Here is the high-res sum-up.

Some areas look overbright and has mirror artifact, but it is up to you to tweak more as we are only explementing the workflow. So, At this point, you should have an idea of rendering with Mental ray

Exterior scene

This is an imaginary cartoon-like space which shows a group of teapot trying to hide from the another. The renderer is currently set up to be Default Scanline. Also, the resolution is set up to 400x565 for testing/learning purposes. Lighting system includes one mr Area Spot to simulate the Sunlight.

1. Ok, so, the same start we have here.


2. Now, Go straight down to Final Gather group and check Enable:

- Decrease Samples to 20 (to those people I know, they leave it 1000 and
render. Please dont as it is a big oh-my-god).

- Check Preview (No Precalculations) to test for now as the render appears
patchy, but no FG calculations.

- Also, In the Trace Depth group, Increase Max. Bounces to 1. This is an
alternative of Photo Mapping, however, it is less accurate.

Hit render (F9)

Ok, not too bad.

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