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Polygon Texturing

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:

Now we're going to layout the uv's of the horizontal beams.

Go to the object mode (the green one) if you're not already in it, by hitting F8.

Select one of the beams.

Go to the component mode by hitting F8 again.

Put your cursor over the beam and hold your right mouse button down. Select Face.

Now click and drag over the entire joist.

Just like the legs, we're going to do a cylindrical projection onto the beam.

With the beam selected, under the main menu, Edit Polygon, Texture, select Cylindrical Mapping. If you have the uv texture editor open, the projection will look like this.


Select the red "T" shaped tool at the bottom corner of the cylinder. Notice how the blue circle appears.

Click on the blue circle


This will give you all of the available rotation tools.

Rotate the cylinder so that it is parallel with the beam. It also helps to look in the uv editor. Again, the more straight the faces are, the less room for distortion.

Remember to move the uv's off of the first quadrant before you deselect them


Hit F8 to go back to object mode.

Select the entire stool to show all of the uv's.

Once you can see all of the uv's move the uv's of the beam up into the second quadrant with the rest of the layed out uv's.
Do the same process for the other two beams. You can put the uv's of the beams all ontop of each other, just like I did for the legs.

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Darent on Fri, 30 March 2012 10:34pm
wow. I'm new in 3D modeling and this tutorial was simply awesome ... thank you so much!
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