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Making Of 'Shipyard'

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:

Now we have to light the front part of the roof to give it the same light source as the ship. Use the Polygonal Lasso Tool to draw a selection on the roof now go Select-Feather (Alt+Ctrl+D) and use a Feather Radius of 2 pixels. Copy(Ctrl+C) and Paste Into (Shift+Ctrl+V), name the new layer light, set the opacity to 70% and zoom in to be sure it fits, if not move it with the direction pads until it fits.

Go Image-Adjustments-Levels (Ctrl+L) and drag the right slide to the left to lighten the roof then link the light and the ship layer and go Layer-Merge Linked (Ctrl+E). Save once again and open the file "wall.psd" fro the images folder and drag it into the shipyard.psd file under the light Layer and name it wall.

Set the Layer Blending mode to Multiply and Edit -Transform - Rotate the layer to have it like in the image and Ctrl+click on the ship layer to activate selection. Click on the wall Layer, and Edit-Copy (Ctrl+C) and Edit-Paste Into (Shift+Ctrl+C). Use the Lasso Tool to draw a selection around the upper part of the ship click on the Layer Mask thumbnail and fill the selection with black. Ctrl+click ship layer to load selection then select the Clone Stamp Tool , with a round brush (65 px) and press Alt and click on the bottom of the ship and clone out that wood part that don't belongs to the ship.

Select the light layer and click on the Add Layer Mask icon, be sure that you are on the Layer mask, select a round Brush and use black to paint out the parts where the ship collides with the roof. After that save the file again.


Step 4

Open the chain.psd file from the images folder and use the Pen tool to draw a path around the chain. Like in the other cases make a selection from the Path and save it as Alpha channel.


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