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This image popped into my mind in a morning's dream, while I was just about waking up.  Although this image does not show the original idea I had that morning, it has been composed since to be even funnier!


I believe the most important point of the creation of an image is the engagement between a sheet of paper and a charcoal pencil.  You should note all details and study the characters - I find sketching quickly is easier by hand (Fig01).

Fig. 01

Modelling & Texturing

Now, after a solid base that can be used to support the modelling stage (and not just a picture in my head), it was time to model the characters and the environment.  All characters, and some objects, were modelled from a box converted to Editable Poly.  The cage and the fishing rod were modelled exclusively with lines, using the Lathe and Bend Modifiers.  The background was also modelled with lines using the Extrude Modifier, and the aquarium was modelled with lines too, using the Modifiers Lathe.

Blue Bird (Fig02)

Fig. 02

Fishy (Fig03)

Fig. 03

Worm (Fig04)

Fig. 04

One of the parts of this Making Of that I would like to emphasise is the importance of the modelling and conception of the eyes.  Eyes have depth, and in this way they not only shine but they capture light, too.  With this method, your characters will gain life!  Let me show you how this works - see Fig05.

Fig. 05

Aquarium (Fig06)

Fig. 06

Fishing kit for blue birds (Fig07)

Fig. 07

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