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Photoshop Optimization Tips

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
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The layers palette also uses text and colour codes as layer descriptions (Fig.03):

Fig. 03

You can do the same thing with your Channels and Paths tabs.

We can also turn off Image Snapshot in the History tab.  Image Snapshot is used for saving your work at any stage so that you can always revert back if something goes wrong.  But from my own and my colleagues' experiences, no one really uses it - we prefer to save image stages or copies in separate files.  You can disable the Image Snapshot as follows: (Fig.04):

Fig. 04

In conclusion, I'll just mention a little about Colour Correction profiles, or ICC.  These are configured via the Edit > Color Settings... menu, and are used to ensure compatibility with various equipment (displays, printers, etc.) that work with colour.  If you are running a publishing house, or doing colour selection and scanning etc., then you will probably know what and how things should be set up.  For the rest of us, the chances are that this function will never be required.

When you open up an image in Photoshop, analyse it according to ICC and, if necessary, adjust its gamma, brightness and saturation values. As a result, it may happen that, in image viewing software (like IrfanView), you will see different colours compared to Photoshop. It's therefore better to turn colour correction off.  Press Ctrl + Shift + K, and in Settings choose "Colour Management Off". If you have already used colour correction, then leave the checkbox near the Profile Mismatches: Ask When Opening item.

Finally, you may also remove Adobe Gamma Loader from the Windows Startup menu (Start > Programs > Startup).

And that's all, thanks for reading!

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