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Let's start rendering. Start with the same color used on the skin, but with the paintbrush setting on Hard Light, and build it up until you have something similar to the image seen in Fig.29

Fig. 29

With the brush at normal setting, go back in and add the shadows. Then choose a very light blue color and add in the light source from the lightning until you have a result similar to the one shown in Fig.30. (At this point, I also went back in and tweaked the color use the Hue/Saturation, to give her a rosier complexion).

Fig. 30

You can use the exact same technique to color her costume. Nothing new. I have to point out though, that you need to be very careful with the light source. Keep the direction and you should end up with something like Fig.31.

Fig. 31

Emma's Hair

This is one of those sections that confuse everyone. I often have no idea how I'm going to color the hair so that it doesn't look ridiculous. I've seen people using different brushes and achieving realistic effects, but I'm going to show you the technique that I prefer the most.

First, fill the hair on the top layer with a dark brownish yellow color (#ffffff, as shown in Fig.32).

Fig. 32

Using the Lasso tool, select a portion of the hair, keeping in mind the flow of the hair (Fig.33).

Fig. 33

Press CTRL-H to hide the selection (I like to use this to see the effect with seeing those moving selection lines). Now go over the area with your paintbrush, building it up towards the light source, but making the selection smaller than the first selection (Fig.34).

Fig. 34

Keep using the same technique to build the hair up until it looks something like Fig.35.

Fig. 35

You can use the same technique for the eyes and lips in this case, just because they're shinier and the lights are more defined.

If all goes well, you should now have something like this (Fig.36).

Fig. 36

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