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Making Of 'Mustang Shelby 67'

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Date Added: 19th May 2011
Software used:


I decided to take the Mustang out of the studio and get him on the road - after all, that's where such a beauty should be! First of all, I rendered the image with the same settings as before - which did not work too well, as you can see (Fig.22). So I created an Ambient Occlusion pass (AO) to reinforce the corners and the spaces between elements (Fig.23). I took these two images into Photoshop, and with some adjustments of the brightness, contrast, layer blending mode and so on, I finally got a pleasing result (Fig.24).

Fig. 22

Fig. 23

Fig. 24

Fig. 25

Fig. 26


I hope that with this simple "making of" I have been able to answer some questions about this type of render. It's up to each individual artist to figure out how to tweak the V-Ray settings to their liking - it is a powerful tool that is completely in the hands of willing and talented artists to get the best use out of it.

I would like to thank 3DCreative magazine for this opportunity to discuss a little about my work and experience with 3D. Please feel free to send any questions and/or comments to by email, or through my blog. Thanks for reading!

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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
PYRO on Tue, 16 October 2012 7:26pm
how did you put the blue prints on the perspective view
Bob Theriault on Sun, 05 February 2012 8:32pm
Really excellent work. I have been a graphic and industrial designer for 40 years and know how much talent it took to do this. Excellent!
Clovis on Sat, 21 January 2012 4:05pm
Marco Aurelio - Nice renders. Congratulations! Clovis
Rahul Joshi on Tue, 24 May 2011 10:52am
there are a few issues with the shapes and curves here and there.. like the wheel arches.
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