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The loop of the belt now.

You start from a Tube primitive with 4 with dimensions and the other parameters set to 1.



Apply Meshsmooth in Quad Ouput mode with an iteration of 1 and Strength at zero.
That makes it possible to divide each face into 4 and keep good form for an additional Meshsmooth in Nurms mode.


Position here

A new form of modelling begins for the belt

The extrusion of the mesh according to a spline.

For that create a spline and set its points to Corner type.

Complete the spline and move the points regularly around the waist


In the front view, create a Rectangle Shape.

Then in the Create Panel select Compound Objects, select Loft


In the part Method Creation, click on Get Shape and select Rectangle Shape.
Thus the rectangular form will follow the spline (the path).

In Skin Parameters set Shape Steps and Path Steps to zero to obtain the usua LPM type.

Remove Transform Degrade tick, that makes it possible to see in real times the modifications made to the spline and the starting shape.

The shape that followed the spline is good but is badly directed


To correct that, select the right-angled shape, and in vertex mode to apply a rotation in Selection Center mode.

Apply the rotation and watch the update of the orientation of the belt.

The belt may be poorly possitioned against the body in some places so you can adjust the verticies ods tge spline and view the update of the final model even with a Meshsmooth added as above.

You can even add more points of control on the spline with Refine

The Loft function of max is very powerful and very flexible, it is in my opinion one of the most perfectected functions of this 3d software.
Certain softwares competitors are far from offering the same facility.

A whole tutorial could be made only on this mode of modeling so much there are possibilities...


The belt after adjustments.


The same proceedure for addtional belt sections.

Again a secone shape is rotated in vertex mode the set the orientation


The second belt after adjustments.

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