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1004_tid_image64.gif 1004_tid_image65.gif

Even the operation on the front part, so that the welding is adjusted.

UV Adjusted.

Repeat the same operation for the set of UVs on the Inner Right Leg.

1004_tid_image69.jpeg 1004_tid_image70.jpeg

By activating Meshsmooth we can check the regularity of the checker pattern.

It should be noted that we can continue to adjust the UV with smoothing, modifying it in UVW Unwrap and we can Toggle the Show End Result option in Meshsmooth.

1004_tid_image83.gif 1004_tid_image84.gif

The cylindrical knee with mapping and rotation of -90° locally.
In sight UV always same corrections to be made.

1004_tid_image85.gif 1004_tid_image86.jpeg

The cylindrical knee mapping and local rotation of -90°.
Try to adjust the inside of the UV as to make as small amount of corrections as possible.

1004_tid_image86a.gif 1004_tid_image86b.gif

The ankle which is almost not visible with a cylindrical map and crude UVs.

1004_tid_image86c.gif 1004_tid_image86d.jpeg

UVs adjusted and meshsmoothed.

1004_tid_image86e.jpeg 1004_tid_image86f.gif

We can make a mirror Copy the arm, knees and ankle and to attach it to the whole of of the object to gather all the clothing.

Deselect all the faces of the clothing object, now go back to Object mode and UVW Unwrap, adjust the UV sets to insert them into a board by mapping an equal size between the objects.

Note that the UV of the ankle was turned 90° so as not to waste space.

The loincloth receives ID 5 and the Checker pattern.

1004_tid_image78.gif 1004_tid_image79.gif

Apply a cylindrical mapping with a rotation of 90°.
On right-hand side the crude UVs.

1004_tid_image80.gif 1004_tid_image81.gif

Detach several pieces of the UV and adjust them so as to use the maximum surface on the UV board.

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