'3D Studio Max'

"Car Tire Tutorial" by Norvin Saniatan

1. Create a plane
2. Right click on the plane then convert to Editable Mesh
3. On the modify panel select edge then on your object select the edge as shown on the fig on the right.
4. Shift then Drag as shown.
5. Repeat the procedure 4 until you have this.
< 6. Cut the Plane as shown.
7. Repeat procedure 4 to get this result. >


8. On the Modify panel select vertex and target
9. Weld the vertex as shown on the left.
10. On the Modify panel select polygon then select the polygon on your object as shown right.
11. Extrude the polygon until you get the right height as shown.
12. Select the vertex and arrange your model as shown (please see all the views).
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