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An interview with Bayo Akinsiku

    bayo akinsiku




3DTotal - Hi Siku can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Siku -
I was born in Leicester city, migrated to Nigeria with my dad and did most of my education there. I specialised in graphics design but studied ceramics, sculpture, painting and textile design. My lecturers thought I 'sold out' when I opted to specialise in graphics design because I was particularly good at sculpture and painting. But I chose Graphics because I thought I had more to learn from the subject. Knowing how to design has become the foundation of all of my work.

3DTotal - You have been described as one of Britain’s best comic book painters. How does that make you feel?
Siku - I don't feel like one of Britain’s Best painters. I feel like someday, someone's going to figure out that 'am a fraud. 

3DTotal - You have a pretty impressive biography on your site and you have accomplished quite a lot, is there anything you would like to add to the list?
Siku -
There is much that I want to accomplish. I have my own game idea which I want published; I want to do a lot more writing for personal projects- TV, Film and Books. Projects where a greater level of creative control and freedom is required. Music is one of my consuming passions and I am working on my self produced album not to mention albums for two others. Conceptual fine art is something I'll return to, I intend to start exhibiting these works in a few years time.

3DTotal - You have worked in videogames, television, comics and
advertising, but which area do you prefer?

Siku - Comics seems to resonate from that feeling one had as a child in the corner shop of 70s London. The array of colours and smell of jarred sweets mixed with ink from the sheets of newspapers and comics. The fantasy in the mind of a child coupled with the imagination of the comic book artist is a lethal cocktail and it serves as an abiding memory for me. So I'll have to say comics still has that special something though it's bloody hard work: technically demanding!

    3DTotal - You were working as a comic book creator for 2000 AD. Would you ever do more
comic book work and if so which one would you like to do?

Siku - I have a particular pet project I want to do. It's a graphic novel focused on events in heaven. I have be a devout biblical student most of my life and I have some special ideas about what heaven or Angel could look like. I must add this is like an amoeba imagining what it must be like to think like Einstein

3DTotal - Who's your favourite comic book character?
Siku - Batman is the man, and if you don't like it see me outside!

3DTotal - Do you see yourself working in the artindustry in the future or moving into another field like music for instance because I see your producing a Neo-Classical soul album?
- I will always do art but I see myself concentrating on new challenges. My album will act as a showcase for my production and song writing skills for acts I may want to produce in the future.

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