'ZBrush , Blender & Maya Training - Lesson 13: Sub Scattering of Particles - Video Tutorials'
by Jason Welsh

Sub scattering of particles? Huh? This occurs every day, for example we see lights that are sufficient enough to go through flesh (look at ears in sunlight). After this chapter you can impress your friends by going up to them and saying “Wow, the sub-scattering of particles of light hitting your ears is very impressive!” and you will look like a cool person once more (either that or a nerd). Anyway, this is a more advanced lesson, so strap on your cap and we’ll take a look at SSS using mapping from ZBrush.

To watch these videos we recommend using the VCL Media Player or Window Media Player 11 click links to download.

Model Prep :

Node Setup:

Mapping Diffuse:

Mapping Front sss:

Mapping Mid sss:

Mapping Bump:

Mapping Spectral:

Mapping Tweaks:


Video Tutorial:

Number of Movies: 8 - File Size: 554 mb

Lesson 13

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