'3D Studio MAX'

'The Making Of Porsche '
by Karabo Legwaila

This is what they look like lathed. The one without anything sticking out of it is going to be the ignition slot so we have to make a key to stick in there.

Draw the basic shape of a key as shown. To get the hole in the key, draw a rectangle and fillet the corners and then attach it to the spline of the key. Add a shell modifier to it, to turn it into a polygon object. Position it in the keyhole.

Now position the pieces in their positions as shown.

The foot pedals are extremely easy to make, they are just boxes with a few extrusions done to them. This is very simple geometry because it won't be seen up close so I won't bother going through it step by step. You can figure it out from the picture.


Using your reference, draw out the porsche logo with splines as shown. It doesn't really have to be perfect. A tip is to to not try and draw the curved edges but to draw sharp corners and then fillet them to make them round. I find this method easier than trying to manually draw out the curves.

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