'3D Studio MAX'

'The Making Of Porsche '
by Karabo Legwaila

The guages are basically flat cylinders. Create a cylinder with 2 cap segments as shown and then extrude the polys selected in the picture outwards. Delete the polys at the back of the cylinder (ie. the polys facing away from the camera in the picture.)

Use the "Connect" tool to cut in the edges shown in red. Adjust them so you get the shape shown. Chemafer them. Select the green edges and chamfer them too. A value of about 1.5 should work.


Select the polys shown in red and detach them. Duplicate those detached polys. One of the duplicates is going to have the speedometer mapped on to it and you are going to make the glass cover for the guage with the other. So leave the one that's going to have the speedometer mapped onto it where it is. Move the other duplicate out of the guage so you can see it better.

Modelling the Car

Making the Accessories

Making the Interior

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Modelling the Wheels

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