'3D Studio MAX'

'The Making Of Porsche '
by Karabo Legwaila

Select the three rows of edges shown and move them upwards in the z-direction. Now select the vertices at the intersections of the middle edge loop as shown in blue. There should be 10 of them.

We are going to extrude the vertices. This is the first time that we have use the extrude operation on vertices as we usually use them on edges or polygons. It works a little different in the case of vertices. Hit the little button next to the extrude button to bring up the "Extrude Vertices" dialog box. The settings shown are the ones that worked for me, you might have to experiment. Keep the extrusion height at zero, though.

Now select the polys created by the vertex extrude and extrude them inwards and then extrude them again outwards to create a screw. Select the edges shown in blue and chamfer them by 0.05. Do that for all the screws.

When smoothed, it should look something like the picture. Don't forget to add a symmetry modifier.


Let's make the steering wheel. Create a cylinder in the middle and two tubes around the cylinder as shown. You can use toruses instead of tubes but I prefer the tubes because they work better for me. All three objects have 24 sides so that it makes it easy to connect them.

Modelling the Car

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