'3D Studio MAX'

'The Making Of Porsche '
by Karabo Legwaila

We need to chamfer the actual door itself now. Select the edges all around the door that need chamfering. By now it should be obvious to you which edges need chamfering. Not all edges that need chamfering are shown.

The door needs a door handle so that is our next obstacle. Cut in the green edges into the side of the door.

Now select the new polys created by the cuts you just made and inset them as shown in the picture.

Arrange the vertices to form an even diamond shape as shown in the picture. Make sure that you tweak vertices from all viewports to keep the surface smooth and eliminate any dimpling. Select the vertex shown in red and move it into the door to create a depression in the door. Select the green edges and chamfer them by about 0.05 to sharpen the edges around the depression. You will probably need to do a lot of vertex tweaking to make the surface as smooth as possible. A trick you can use is to turn up the specular level and glossiness of the material that you applied to the geometry to make it really shiny and that way you can see errors like bumps in the surface easily.

Let's put in the dashboard. Create a poly in the top viewport as shown by the poly outlined in green.

Do a series of extrusions to get the shape shown in the picture.


This picture shows another view of the dashboard polys so you can see the shape better. Toss a Symmetry modifier on it to get the other half.

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