'3D Studio MAX'

'The Making Of Porsche'
by Karabo Legwaila

Part 1 - Modelling the car :

First of all, this tutorial is not designed for those who have no experience with 3D studio max. If you are just beginning to use Max, then I suggest you go over my Fiat 500 tutorial before trying this one as it may seem like I don't explain much and move very fast here. If you have done the Fiat 500 tutorial then this should present no problems for you.
Secondly, I'm not going to go into super fine detail in this tutorial due to time constraints. However, if you want to add more detail than I have added, then feel free to do so using the techniques you learn.
We are going to start with the front wheel arch. The first thing to do is to draw a bunch of guide lines from the center of the tire outwards as shown in the picture by the pink lines. This is not really necessary but I find that it makes it easier to get a good round shape for the wheel arch and it will make your mesh even in that area. After drawing the lines, you can then lay down the first polygon as shown by the blue rectangle. Make sure that the polygon has 1 length seg and 1 height seg. Also turn on "Edged Faces" by clicking on the top left corner of the viewport and selecting "Edged Faces."

With the polygon selected, select the modify tab and right click on the word "Plane" in the stack and select "Editable Poly" from the menu that comes up. This sets up the plane for polygon operations. You are now ready to begin modeling the car.

Split the polygon down the middle by selecting "Edge" from the Editable Poly options in the stack and then clicking on the "Cut" button lower down the window. Now click the top edge of the polygon followed by the bottom edge to split the polygon. Now switch to vertex mode and move the vertices to the nearest lines as shown in the picture. You have now started to shape the wheel arch.

Now you need to do a series of extrusions to get the basic shape of the wheel arch. Go into "Edge" mode and select one of the edges shown in green. Hold down shift and drag it in the direction of the red arrow towards the nearest guide line. Adjust the vertices to go along the guide line. Go back to edge mode and hold down shit and drag the edge out again and adjust the vertices. Keep doing this until you have the arch as shown in the picture. The beauty of 3D Studio Max allows you to extrude edges quickly and easily by holding down shift and dragging the edge where you want it. You will appreciate this feature more as you build the car.

Now, using the previous method, extrude out the edges shown in green in the direction or the arrows. Adjust vertices as needed.

Now this might look OK from the side view but you have to make sure it looks OK from the other viewports too. You have to align the polygons with the blueprints. Start with the top viewport and adjust the appropriate vertices as shown.


Now the shape is starting to come out but there is not enough detail at this point so it's time to cut some detail into it. Make the cuts shown in green. Now adjust vertices to flesh out the shape. There is a 3 sided polygon that is shown in red that we will have to deal with. To do this, go into vertex mode and select click the "Target Weld" button. Now click the vertex shown by the yellow number "1" then click on the vertex shown by the yellow number "2." What this does is it essentially moves vertex 1 to vertex 2 and then merges them into one vertex. This get's rid of the triangle.

Modelling the Car

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