'3D Studio Max'

'The Corridor'
by Richard Tilbury

Introduction :

This particular scene was designed to be simple in terms of the geometry involved and therefore putting a little more emphasis on the texturing aspects. The idea beind the project was to model a single, straight corridor that ended with a doorway and one that would be textured using contrasting sets from the 3D Total Textures collection to convey scenes from different time periods. To help add interest and utilise some of the different images included on the CD's I decided to include some geometry specific to each scene that would help demonstrate these qualities without radically altering the scene itself. For example the ancient stone corridor includes stone pillars that run along both walls where as the Sci-Fi orientated environment substitutes these details with wall mounted pipework and panels.

Modelling :

1. The first stage was to build the scene which comprised of a simple box which then had the normals flipped to invert it. I added a number of segments along the lengh in order that a section could be mapped and then duplicated. A camera was placed in the box very early on to establish an appropriate angle from which to view the scene. I find that it is useful to position a camera early on so as to get a good idea of which parts of the scene will be more visible etc. I also find that by detaching the walls, ceiling and back wall it may help later with finding a lighting solution with regards to excluding certain objects from being illuminated but this is by no means crucial. (see images below and to the right).

2. With the initial stages complete it is time to start considering the different lighting conditions that will help differentiate the scenes from one another and decide if this will have a bearing on the geometry. For the stone corridor I decided on a natural light source that would be visible through a number of ceiling vents or skylights and so these had to be incorporated into the plane that made up the roof. To add some architectural interest I also put in two raised sections along the two walls upon which to mount a row of pillars that would vault upwards to the roof. (see image below)


3. In the image to the right and also the ones below, you can see the two rows of pillars in place in the camera view and if we look at the modify panel down the right you will notice that these are made using a simple spline that has had a Lathe modifier applied with the segment section set to 4. All of the vertices are set to corner except one which is set to smooth and has resulted in a curved line towards the top section. Once this has been done it can be scaled and fitted into the scene and any unexposed poly's can be deleted such as the top and underside faces and the ones adjacent to the walls. This pretty much completes the modelling phase of the stone corridor and now it is time to deal with the Sci-Fi version.

Modelling the Corridor
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Texturing the Corridor

Adding Wear & Tear to The Corridor

This image was created using a few of the hundreds of textures from the Total Texture CDs - very comprehensive texture collections priced with the hobbyist in mind. To see more examples, download free
samples and read full details follow this link

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