'Melting Text'
Aziz Khan

Step 15 :

Expand the Contents Details tab from Attribute Editor and then expand the Density tab in-order to set the numbers like the image below.

Step 16 :

Scroll down to find the Shading tab and expand it and set the Glow Intensity to 1, or what ever you would like your texts to reflect the glow.

Step 17 :

Now that we are done, set your frames to 200 then hit play. You should now see your text melting and then dissipating slowly like smoke. These 2 renders are just to show you how its looks like after rendering.

A few frames played.


And here is short render of the sequence.

You can download the end scene from here.

I hope you enjoyed doing this tutorial and try it at your own pace with different images to see what different results you can make.

If you have any kind of suggestions, feed backs, questions, or comments, please feel free to write me I will be happy to hear from you.

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