'Melting Text'
Aziz Khan

Step 5 :

We are done with Photoshop for now, so now lets switch to Maya. On the view port hold down the h key on your keyboard and then hold down the left mouse button. From the pop-up menu choose dynamics. Click on Fluid Effects from the drop down menu, and hit the small rectangular shape beside 2d container, like the image illustrates below.

Step 6 :

Now your Fluid option box will appear in the X, Y Resolution, give it the value of 300 by 300 this will increase the detail when we import our text images into Maya. Hit apply and close like in the picture below.
Note : The bigger the resolution value the slower the render and system performance will be. Don't increase the values out of your system requirements.

Step 7 :

If you look at your scene, you will notice that you have created a 2d fluid container, like the pictures below shows.


Step 8 :

Now, with the 2d fluid container still selected, go to Fluid Effects >> Add/Edit Contents >> then select the option box for Paint Fluid Tool, as shown in the image below.

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