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"Making of Dead Twice" by Alessandro Lima

This tutorial was made based the development the my last project: Dead Twice. In this i'll explain the techniques of the modeling, as well to the mapping and texturing. It's possible which my techniques aren't the more used for animations, but I'm a beginner with animations, so, I'll explain here, are experiences, concepts and suggestions of the many artists.

In my Project Dead Twice I used a techniques which I prefer not to use here: it was modeled in it's final position, this process modeling, mapping and texturing, besides being very uncomfortable to work with techniques and not applicable to good animations. this is a technique, but i don't recommend it to animations.

To start our tutorial, you'll need the "files.zip" included here

Making the Skull - Planes of Reference:

1. We're going to use an image of reference to start our modeling. A Skull is supplied as an image to start

2. Create a Plan in the Viewport with same dimensions of the "cranio.jpg" and convert it to an object Editable Poly

3. In the Material Editor go to the channel Diffuse to attribute this image and use it in Self-Ilumination 50 or 80, as you prefer

4. Attribute to Plan the material above, use 2-Sided

5. We need to map this object, go to Modifier Stack, attribute the modifier UVW Mapping, conform to image 001

6. In the Modifier Stack, go to level Editable Ploy, sub-object Vertex and start the option "Show End Result on/off Toggle".

7. Select the superior vertexes and inferior near the side of the Skull in the image referent, and take the limit frontal Skull.

8. Disable the sub-object Vertex and go to the Panel Hierarchy – option Pivot – Affect Pivot Only - click Center to Object and Align to Word, conform to image 004

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