'Digital Painting'

'The Corridor'
by Richard Tilbury

Step 8 :

In order to rectify this I added a background layer that goes below all the other layers and for this I decided on a very slightly orange grey-brown colour (see the image below). When this is applied it essentially tones down the contrast we have just created but do not be concerned because the light areas we have been used to seeing so far are represented by the drawing we scanned in as a guide and as this will eventually be discarded it is wise to ignore it as an integral part of the final image. Indeed if we switched the layer off we would see transparent areas in our picture and so we may as well substitute it now and prepare to begin painting in the final source of light.

Step 9 :

In the second and final stage of this tutorial we will go on and finish the scene by adding in the details to the stonework and creating the finished lighting effects. In the previous edition of the magazine we blocked in the key shadow areas and established the general tone of the picture. The next stage involves defining some of the stonework on either a separate layer or you could use the shadows layer if you feel confident enough (see the image below). You can see in the image that I have started to fill in some of the flagstones along the floor as well as a few stone blocks on the pillars – just enough to add some definition without describing the entire scene.


Step 10 :

The next phase will be to introduce what is probably the key component into the scene – that being the light source, as so far the image has a very muted look and is lacking any drama. On a new layer set to Normal and using white at various opacity settings start by blocking in the ceiling vents where the light is at its strongest and directly below on the floor. I also highlighted the inward facing sides of the pillars as well as the tops of the platforms that support them (see the image below). You will also notice that I have included some further detail in the flagstones where the light is being reflected.

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