'Project Overview Tutorial'

"Modelling a Fiat 500 using Polymodelling " by Karabo Legwaila

This tutorial was created using 3D Studio Max 5 but most of the techniques should be possible in any 3D application. The images in this tutorial are pretty low quality and this was done intentionally due to limited server space.

This tutorial assumes basic knowledge of the 3D Studio Max interface and certain basic terminology used in 3D computer graphics. Beginners may still be able to use this tutorial but it may prove somewhat difficult.

I am by no means an expert at this stuff so I am sure that more experienced modelers may have better, more efficient techniques for doing some of the things that I do in this tutorial.

All I can do is share my current pool of knowledge with you and if you have better ways to do things then by all means, let me know.

This tutorial is broken down into four chapters:

Modelling the Exterior

Creating the Accessories

Building Wheels and Tires

Modelling the Interior



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