Take a look at the full content sheet, to view all of the new textures that we have added to this DVD by clicking here - Content Sheet


Total Textures V5: R2 Dirt & Graffiti

The Original Total Texture collection was created in 2001, utilising the best methods and technology of the time. Since then, techniques and technology have both moved forward, and here at 3DTotal we felt that although the original collection is still widely used and highly regarded among artists and studios of all calibers, it was time for an update...

This enormously improved version of the original texture collection now contains 272 individual Materials, comprising of over 938 individual, hand crafted texture maps. Every Texture now has its own unique colour map, bump map. There is also over 50 new alpha and 100 new specular maps

What's new? : Total Textures v5 original collection consisted of 215 Dirt & Graffiti maps comprising 384 individual maps (High & Low res Dirt Maps & graffiti tiffs). This new collection consists of 344 Dirt & Graffiti maps, comprising of 766 individual maps!! (Dirt, Graffiti and Alpha maps).

Graffiti Viewer : Also included on this DVD is a new feature utilizing Adobe Photoshop PSD layered files, we have called this the 'Graffiti Viewer'. A Layered version of All graffiti maps with various Brick walls to view them against, allowing you to instantly view many combinations. Follow the links on the left for instructions

Here is the DVD's full contents :-

  • 88 Horizontally tilable Dirt maps
  • 88 Horizontally tilable Dirt maps
  • 95 Fully tilable Dirt maps
  • 72 Graffiti maps each with there own alpha map

Important Information :
As the New Total Textures V5 : R2 has 3 times the content over the old CD we have had to make them DVD's so please make sure that you have a DVD Rom Drive on your computer before purchasing.

The Total Textures on this DVD are compatible with all Software.

'Total Textures V5 : R2' DVD
New customers

See discounts of upto 25% for bundle purchases

US - $59 / EUR - €46 / UK - £32

'Total Textures V5 : R2' DVD
Existing V5 Customers

If you already own the old V5 Dirt & Graffiti texture CD and are wanting to purchase the New Upgrade you will need to send to us your Name and your Serial Number of the your original V5 Texture CD and place these details in the additional comments box during the online purchase process. Then once we have confirmation that you are an existing customer we will then continue with the order and ship you the new complete DVD.

The prices for existing customers to get the New Upgrade are as follows:

US - $29 / EUR - €23 / UK - £16

Email [email protected] with any questions or phone the 3DTotal UK Studio on 01905 29764 - outside UK dial 44 1905 29764


Brand New Textures
Below you can see some of the new textures that we have added to this new upgrade. Or you could take a look at the full content sheet to view all of the new textures that we have added to this DVD by clicking here - Content Sheet

All New Dirt Textures - click images to enlarge

All New Grafitti Textures - click images to enlarge
All the grafitti maps that are on the new upgrade DVD come with an alpha map

Project Overviews
To accompany this DVD there is the added bonus of some tutorials that have been created by different artist using Total Textures v5.

'Window to the Courtyard' by Martin Ernst - click images to enlarge

'Texturing Tutorial' by Christian Waadt - click images to enlarge

'Tram' by Ferenc J. Harasztiszti - click images to enlarge

'A Little Bit of Bricolage' by Miguel Madail de Freitas - click images to enlarge

'Bounded by Destiny' by Toni Bratincevic - click images to enlarge