R4 Upgrade - 272 complete textures and 938 new individual maps (Colour, Bump, Specular and some alpha maps

Total Textures V4: R2 Humans & Creatures

The Original Total Texture collection was created in 2001, utilising the best methods and technology of the time. Since then, techniques and technology have both moved forward, and here at 3DTotal we felt that although the original collection is still widely used and highly regarded among artists and studios of all calibers, it was time for an update

What's new? : Total Textures v4 original collection consisted of 218 materials comprising 202 individual maps (Colour & Bump maps). This new collection consists of 272 materials, comprising of 938 individual maps!! (Colour, Bump, Specular and Alpha maps). We have also included 36 psd files for some of the textures, allowing you to customize some new textures of your own

Here is the DVD's full contents :-

  • 31 Creature Eyes
  • 11 Creature Fur
  • 2 Creature Miscellaneous
  • 6 Creature Scales
  • 14 Creature Skin (Body)
  • 27 Creature Skin (Facial)
  • 16 www.3d.sk
  • 16 Human Eyes
  • 2 Human Hair
  • 12 Human Misc (Body)
  • 24 Human Misc (Facial)
  • 47 Human Skin (Abnormal)
  • 2 Human Skin (Old)
  • 13 Human Skin (Tatoo)
  • 34 Human Skin (Young)
  • 15 Human Skin (Reference)

Bonus Features: Eye Makers : Also included on this DVD is a new feature utilizing Adobe Photoshop PSD layered files, we have called this the 'Eye Maker'. These PSD files are arranged in Layer sets to allow you to create brand new eye maps using the individual parts of the eye maps included on the DVD. See below for more details.

HTML interface providing easy browsing and map selection to use with all 3D Software packages (Will work with all web browsers and is PC & MAC Compatible)

Important Information: As the New Total Textures V4 : R2 has 3 times the content over the old CD we have had to make them DVD's so please make sure that you have a DVD Rom Drive on your computer before purchasing.

The Total Textures on this DVD are compatible with all Software

'Total Textures V4 : R2' DVD
New customers

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US - $59 / EUR - €46 / UK - £32

'Total Textures V4 : R2' DVD
Existing V4 Customers

If you already own the old V4 Bases & Layers texture CD and are wanting to purchase the New Upgrade you will need to send to us your Name and your Serial Number of the your original V4 Texture CD and place these details in the additional comments box during the online purchase process. Then once we have confirmation that you are an existing customer we will then continue with the order and ship you the new complete DVD.

The prices for existing customers to get the New Upgrade are as follows:

US - $29 / EUR - €23 / UK - £16

Email [email protected] with any questions or phone the 3DTotal UK Studio on 01905 29764 - outside UK dial 44 1905 29764


Bonus Feature :

The Eye Maker
is a PSD (Photoshop Document) file which can be opened in any 'layer-compatible' version of Adobe Photoshop. The file is made up of layer sets such as Veins, Pupils, Iris and Eyeball colours, which in turn contain various examples of each. By turning the visibility (the small eye symbol on the left of each layer in the layers panel) of the layers on and off, and mixing up variations of each of the layer sets, different eyes can be produced. Also, try altering the opacity and blending options of the layers to produce different effects. Once you have the eye you have been trying to make, simply export as a jpeg or tiff and place in the maps directory of your 3D modelling software.

Some Textures now have Specular maps
Colour + Bump map
Upgrade R2
Colour + Bump + Specular

All New Interface - Click for large versions

Human Colour Map Samples - Click for large versions

Human Bump Map Samples - Click for large versions

Human Specular Map Samples - Click for large versions

Creature Map Samples - Click for large versions

Creature Bump Map Samples - Click for large versions

Creature Specular Map Samples - Click for large versions

Tatoo Samples - Click for large versions

Bonus Map Samples - Click for large versions

Bonus Map Alpha Samples - Click for large versions