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Content Sheet

Architectural Showroom Textures

It has been nearly 2 years since the last Total Texture Collection was released. After popluar demand and having such a positive response from the upgrades we decided it was about time to reopen the Total Texture Collection series.

Our NEW Total Texture collection is full of great Showroom Textures for really finishing those Architectural renders to the highest standards with as little effort as possible. As with all Total Texture Collections, the NEW DVD now contains 134 Texture Maps comprising of over 545 individual, hand crafted texture maps which are all fully tileable. Each texture has been hand crafted from 100% original photography, made seamless where required, and each having their own unique bump & specular map included. Each texture is also of course totally flexible and can be used in many projects - architectural or otherwise.

Here is the DVD's full contents :-

  • 134 - Colour Texture Maps
  • 134 - Matching Bump Maps
  • 134 - Matching Specular Maps

    Split up into the following
  • 36 Fabrics & Upholstrey Textures
  • 7 Marble Textures
  • 3 Rugs
  • 15 Stone Textures
  • 25 Tile Textures
  • 23 Wall Textures
  • 21 Wood Textures
  • 4 Misc Textures

Important Information:

- HTML interface providing easy browsing and map selection to use with all 3D Software packages (Will work with all web browsers and is PC & MAC Compatible)

- Average Texture size is 1600 x 1200

- The New Total Textures V16 : R1 has been put onto a DVD's so please make sure that you have a DVD Rom Drive on your computer before purchasing.

- The Total Textures on this DVD are compatible with all Software.

US - $59 / EUR - €46 / UK - £32

See discounts of upto 26% for bundle purchases

Email [email protected] with any questions or phone the 3DTotal UK Studio on 01905 29764 - outside UK dial 44 1905 29764


Brand New Textures
Below you can see some of the new textures that we have added to this new upgrade. Or you could take a look at the full content sheet to view all of the new textures that we have added to this DVD by clicking here - Content Sheet

All the colour maps that are on the new upgrade DVD come with a bump and specular map. Some textures also have normals maps

Colour Map Samples - Click for larger versions

Bump Map Samples - Click for larger versions

Specular Map Samples - Click for larger versions

Behind the Scene
Take a look at how our textures have been used to create the promotional scenes by Chen Qingfeng and Andrea Papini