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Total Textures v15

The Final Total Textures CD!

It's been a long journey since the release of v1 when just 1 artist decided to make a professional texture collection, priced to be available to everyone.

Now, 5 years, 12 artists and 14 collections later we bring you the final Total Textures CD.

We are the only company to release texture collections which have been hand painted and the toon textures are 80% hand crafted from scratch (the remainder using edited photography)

You can now view every single texture by downloading the cd's thumbnail interface by right clicking the link below (36.49mb)

Total Textures v15 is a collection of toon and stylised textures for use in appropriate scenes. The textures fall into 'sets' hand crafted by our artists, each set has a continuous style throughout and contain colour and bump maps which range from leaves to tiles and from wood to windows.

The Textures on the CD can be browsed using the web page interface (as all of our CDs) but this time you have the option of either browsing by set (there are 8 sets in total) or by category.

The CD Includes:

  • 150 - Colour texture maps.
  • 150 - Matching Bump Maps
  • 15 - Extra bump maps for adding Bump to flat colour surfaces
  • 45 - Matching Tiff files with built in Alpha Maps for textures with transparent edges

    Split up into the following categories:
  • 12 Roof Tiles
  • 27 Walls
  • 20 Floors (wood, stone, tiled etc)
  • 6 Fencing
  • 6 Doors
  • 6 Windows
  • 8 Ground (sandy, stone etc)
  • 12 Woods (planks, raw etc)
  • 13 Stone (pebbles, rocks, stone faces etc)
  • 22 Trees (trees, leaves, bark etc)
  • 18 Skies (night & day)



Price - $57 (Approx. UK £29.00 / EUROPE €42.00)
See discounts of upto 25% for bundle purchases




A small selection of colour maps from the toon sets on the CD - Click for large versions

Set 1

Set 2
Set 3
Set 4

Set 5

Set 6

Set 7

Set 8
A small selection from the General Bump map section on the CD - Click for large versions

Project Overviews
To accompany this CD there is the added bonus of some tutorials that have been created by different artist using these textures

"Man With Pig "
by Francisco Ferriz
"Barber Shop"
by Brian Baxter