Total Textures v14

Our penultimate texture collection - Fantasy Textures have been researched and painted by 3 in house artists and 6 professional freelance artists. The textures include custom bumps and many specular and alpha maps. As all of our previous textures collections they are of course 100% seamless.

You can now view every single texture by downloading the cd's thumbnail interface by right clicking the link below (34.95mb)

As well as their obvious uses in fantasy scenes many of these textures will lend themselves well to historical projects and certain architectural projects. The textures range from armour, architecture, clothing, ground, motifs, scripts, hand painted fantasy skies, hand painted trees, leaves and barks and weapons.

As with all of our collections, this one includes the Html interface allowing you to easily browse through all of the contents on the CD.

There are also many pages of bonus material on the CD being tutorials and project overviews showing how images (many shown on this page) have been created using these textures.


The CD Includes:

  • 195 Colour texture maps.
  • 181 Matching Bump Maps
  • 63 Alpha Mapped Tiff Files
  • 15 Specular

    Split up into the following categories:
  • 21 Architectural
  • 30 Armour (including some blood stains)
  • 15 Clothing
  • 15 Ground
  • 29 Motifs
  • 23 Script / Alphabet
  • 14 Skies
  • 22 Trees, Leaves and Bark
  • 26 Weapons


Price - $57 (Approx. UK £29.00 / EUROPE €42.00)
See discounts of upto 25% for bundle purchases

A small selection of colour maps from various sections on the CD - Click for large versions




A small selection of bump maps from various sections on the CD - Click for large versions

Project Overviews
To accompany this CD there is the added bonus of some tutorials that have been created by different artist using these textures

"Swords and Daggers"
by Tim Ellis
"The Castle "
by Andrew Suryadi

"Gray Heavens "
by Patrick Pirker

"Return to Baykar "
by Miguel Fonseca

"Cheating 101: When to do 3D and when not to do 3D "
by Matt Turner