Total Textures v12

Total Textures v12 is a collection of mostly architectural textures, derived from original photography, taken all over the world.

You can now view every single texture by downloading the cd's thumbnail interface by right clicking the link below (26.19mb)

We employed 15 freelance photographers from all continents of the globe. A vast and varied amount of photographed surfaces were submitted, from which we selected the best images. These were then processed into a this very high quality collection of varied and unique textures.

The process included our usual balancing, correcting and making seamless but especial care and time has been put in by our 4 in-house artists with regards to the bump-maps. As you can see by the examples left and below.

This collection would prove useful in huge amount of scenes and projects from everyday scenes to fantasy images to themed architectural visualization and of course more specific scenes from around the world.

Due the large volume of textures, artists and hours that were required to compete this collection we have had to split it up into 2 CDs, being v12 & v13.

The average texture size is 1024 pixels on each axis but some range a little higher. All of the textures are jpeg format (saved at the highest quality setting) and so are compatible with all 3d and 2d software.

As with all of our CDs there is a interface which runs in your browser (works on all PCs and Macs) to enable easy texture previewing and selection. Plus access to the extras bonus material in the form of 5 tutorials and project overviews. These give an insight into how the textures can be used.


The CD Includes:

  • 148 Colour texture maps.
  • 148 Matching Bump Maps

    Split up into the following categories:
  • 27 American
  • 23 English
  • 33 Egyptian
  • 19 German
  • 25 Hungarian
  • 21 Italian



Price - $57 (Approx. UK £29.00 / EUROPE €42.00)
See discounts of upto 25% for bundle purchases

Email with any questions or phone the 3DTotal UK Studio on 01905 29764 -
outside UK dial 44 1905 29764

A small selection of textures from various sections on the CD - Click for large versions






Project Overviews
To accompany this CD there is the added bonus of some tutorials that have been created by different artist using the textures from v12 and v13

'The Bell Gate'
by Andrew Suryadi
by Carlos Serrano
by Evgen
Chen Qingfeng