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Summer Trees

Autumn Trees

Winter Trees

Total Textures v10

A collection of Trees and plant life. As well as tree maps we have included bark, bushes, grasses, leaves, shrubs and stumps which have been photographed over a 1 year period allowing us to divide the trees into the categories of the 4 seasons plus an evergreen/tropical section giving the user as many choices as possible for all their scenes.

You can now view every single texture by downloading the cd's thumbnail interface by right clicking the link below (21.49mb)

As you can see from the examples on the left all of trees have been painted out of their original backgrounds by hand giving each one a perfect alpha map. This allows the tree maps to be inserted into any 3d scene by applying the tree map to a single polygon or they can be dropped onto a new layer in any 2d scene (in photoshop for example)

There are many additional tileable textures such as bark and grass plus many more images with alpha maps such as individual leaves.

The average texture size is 1,500 pixels on each axis but some range as high as 2,800. This combined with the .tif image format and alpha channels has resulted in 1.7 gig of content and therefore this is the first of our collections that is written to a DVD rather than a CD.

Contents Breakdown

  • 150 Colour texture maps.
  • 150 Bump or Alpha maps.
  • 136 TIFF Files with in-built alpha maps.split up into the following categories:
  • 9 Spring Trees
  • 17 Summer Trees
  • 14 Autumn Trees
  • 24 Winter Trees
  • 8 Evergreen/Tropical Trees
  • 13 Bark Maps (fully Tiled)
  • 11 Bushes
  • 14 Grasses
  • 14 Leaves
  • 20 Shrubs
  • 3 Tree Stumps


Other Sections on the DVD - Click for large versions






Four Seasons Artwork
Here we have some artwork which was produced to show the different seasons

by Clement Choblet
by Roman Kessler

Project Overviews
To accompany this CD there is the added bonus of some tutorials that have been created by different artist using these textures

by Roman Kessler
'III Autumn'
by f2creative.net
by Evgen
'Making a Simple Forest'
by Matt Turner