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On Site Tutorials

  • "Rigging and Animating with Expressions for XSI" by Phillip Maddock
    This set is about building a butterfly controlled by animated expressions. In this really easy set, we look at
    building a simple rig and driving its motion by easy expressions. All the driven elements are controlled by
    sliders and all of this without key framing!

  • "Working with ICE - video tutorial" by i3D Tutorials
    Get a free look into the inner workings of ICE and production workflow in this video from the "Mastering
    the Art of ICE Volume I: Breaking the ICE" series. In this video, we will look at working with an ICE Tree and how to tweak and work with the new volume shaders in XSI 7, which can help us to create some amazing looking ICE renders and effects.

  • "Selection Tips in Softimage XSI - Video Tutorial" by Luciano Iurino
    This movie looks at some of the selection modes and tools available in XSI

  • "Softimage XSi Video Tutorials" by i3D Tutorials
    In this video, we take a look at how to work with the subsurface scattering shader that comes with SOFTIMAGE|XSI.  Learn how to use the render tree to setup and implement this useful and interesting shader to achieve a realistic
    look for soft translucent materials.  We will be working on surfacing a jellyfish!

  • "Navigating in Hierarchies and Scene Layesr Overview" by i3D Tutorials
    In this video, we will look at some methods for navigating through a hierarchy in SOFTIMAGE|XSI.

  • "Clusters and Creating Hierarchies" by i3D Tutorial
    Learn how to quickly create clusters in SOFTIMAGE|XSI, as well as some techniques for viewing and working with
    them. Also, being able to create hierarchies is very important in any 3d application. Learn to create, change, and manipulate hierarchies in SOFTIMAGE|XSI.

  • "Override Properties and Painting Weight Maps by i3D Tutorials
    Override properties can be used in many ways in SOFTIMAGE|XSI and can be quite useful for many situations. In this video we will see an example of applying an override to an object.

  • "Duplicating and Cloning Objects' & 'Creating Presets' in SOFTIMAGE|XSI" by i3D Tutorials
    Learn how to duplicate objects in SOFTIMAGE|XSI, while acknowledging the difference between duplicating and
    cloning. We will also discuss duplication options.

  • "Cloth Simulation - Controlling it with Weight Maps" by Kashif C. Riley
    While I was working on an animation project, I was struggling a little bit on how to get a localized effect on getting
    cloth simulation to work on a character. So, I took a small hiatus on my own character and opened and old scene to
    test my theory on a way to control my cloth...

  • "Choosing an Interaction Model and Custom Toolbars and Shelves" by i3D Tutorials
    SOFTIMAGE|XSI has the option to change the keyboard layout to a more familiar keyboard map for those users
    coming from 3dsMax or Maya. We will look at how to change the interaction model.

  • "Accessing Menus and Tools" by i3D Tutorials
    Knowing how to work with menus in SOFTIMAGE|XSI is very important and vital to success. You will learn a few new tricks that will speed up your interaction with SOFTIMAGE|XSI...

  • "Final Gathering & Global Illumination" by i3D Tutorials
    Learn how to use mental ray's Global Illumination and Final Gathering inside SOFTIMAGE|XSI for a photo-realistic
    render and learn industry tips and tricks on how to combine mental ray's lighting features for higher quality renders.

  • "Rigging for Moosah and Chub" by Adam Scott
    I knew rigging my Moosah and Chub model would be quite the project, but once I understood some of Softimage XSI's rigging features it went pretty smooth. For this model I created a whole series of soft constraints, which can give the effect of secondary action, gravity, wind resistance, etc....

  • "Dante Alighieri" by Marco Menco
    In this tutorial I will explain how I created the image “Dante Alighieri”, starting from the modelling which was done in Softimage|XSI, unwrapping with Modo, detailing in Zbrush and some post production with Photoshop.

  • "Lightmap based Ambient Occlusion - Faking FG with sampled Lightmap and AO shader" by Vladimir Jankijevic
    This tutorial shows a method for generating FinalGather like ambience using the XSIAmbientOcclusion and the Lightmap Color_Sampler shader in XSI. The basic idea behind this, is to create faster and non-flickering (animation) renderings. Unfortunately this method is not as accurate as FG and doesn't support multiple bounces.

  • "Portrait of a Mobster" by Alvaro Gasco
    The design of the character was inspired in a story I had in mind, He is a corrupted police officer that has become a mobster from some dark city in east Europe.

  • "Making of Metamorfosi" by Bruno Maremonti
    English translation by Ilaria Maremonti
    This work started from a concept quickly done on a morning before going to work, it’s probably some oneiric
    memory :) I cannot show it because I don’t know where it has gone to, but the main idea is to represent something realistic which could never exist in the real world. This is the aspect of graphic computer I prefer: making unreality

  • "Cloth Simulation with SyFlex" by Mauro Frau
    This article goes through some techniques to create realistic cloth simulation, covering the most important
    features and potentialities of Syflex. I’ll be referring to XSI 5.0 but I’ll also try to be as detached as possible
    from the software itself and concentrate only on Syflex, so that also non-XSI artists

  • "Making of The Queen" by Peter Chen
    This “making of” article is sharing my knowledge of how I made the character – The Queen. I assume you have the knowledge of basic modeling skill in your favorite 3d package and I will focus more on rendering

  • "Toon Shader in XSi" by David Drbal
    It has great animation tools for Toon animation, and also great shaders. It's easy to get a Toon look just in minutes.
    Even though it's that easy you need to keep in mind a few rules. Never do your image character too dark.....

  • "Making of Balthar" by Heber Alvarado
    I start by researching what kind of character I would like to create. During this process I think about every aspect of
    the character. Where does it live? What does it eat? age? weight? size etc. I believe thinking about all these things
    will help you to create a far more interesting character and create some history for the viewer to discover.

  • "Making of Sofia" by Thithiti K.
    This image was created with the intention to use as a guide for some learners in my class to show how to subdivision modelling, and lighting. I was inspired by a Japanese model so I used her as a prototype to build the image

  • "Creating an Alien head" by Grzegorz Jonkajtys
    I have created the model in Softimage XDI Foundation 4.2. I keeped the model pretty low poly, since I was
    planning on adding necessary details later on using Zbrush.I have also created the necessary UV map in

  • "Fluid Particle Tutorial" by Kashif Riley
    Hi, and welcome to a tutorial for Softimage XSI 4.2. Bear in mind that this is not a modeling tutorial, nor a lesson
    in using XSI Cloth. It is more of a look at how to use the fluid dynamic particles for your own setups and use

  • "Making an Orc" by Herbert Lowis
    This tutorial will describe briefly how I created my orc character from scratch.

  • "The making of The Rusty Meter"by Vinny Chirayil
    I started by making a simple cube against a vertical grid. The meter originally had a thin wire coming out from below. Since this lacked a personality, I decided to replace it with a thicker metal cable, the type you find in old public telephones. Next, the smaller details of the meter were added...

  • "Metallic Shader for XSI" by Akari naim (funky)
    The first thing to do is to create a simple scene to make our test . . .

  • "Basic Weight Painting" by Mobi
    This tutorial will take you through the basics of weighting, in particular basic weight painting.

  • "UNIT 35" by Stephane Israel
    In this tutorial I'm going to discribe the three steps in the making of that big fat Robot. The two first step can be apply to any 3D application. The third is more specific to Softimage XSI, as they are the basic settings I've used for the rendering. . .

  • "Wireframe Display for SubD's" by Mobi
    This is a quick tutorial to display a subdivided surface (SubD) with its low-res control in wireframe over
    the top.

  • "Creating a Cervo Piston" by Mobi
    In this tutorial we will create a simple cervo piston mechanism utilising constraints and skeleton bones.

  • "Cloth" by Duncan Burch (Dunky)
    This tutorial will demonstrate how to use the cloth simulation in XSI 3.0.
    To start with will create a basic grid that will fall under gravity and interact with a basic object - a sphere.