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3DTotal are looking for fresh, educational tutorials to showcase on our website. They can be for any software and difficulty level, any topic and both 2D and 3D tutorials will be welcomed, in text- or video-based format.

Accepted tutorials will be showcased on the homepage of 3DTotal for up to two weeks, as well as being featured in our forums, before being given a permanent home in our tutorial archives. There are also 3DTotal goodies up for grabs for every accepted tutorial, so get writing!

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On Site Tutorials

  • "Sculpting Hair" by Joe Lee
    The following are some of my observations while learning the new features in ZBrush. It is my hope that this
    process will help shed light on achieving a unique look as well as open new ideas for other techniques.

  • "Bird of Prey - ZBrush 3" by Joe Lee
    Before getting started on this project, I tried to surround myself with as much reference and inspiration as I could before taking the plunge on the Zbrush canvas. I have great admiration for master bird carvers such as Floyd Scholz and I have always wondered if such wood carving...

  • "Creation of the Captain" by Stepan Grakov
    I am going to show you how to create the making of “The Captain” - my lastest work - from modelling and rendering,
    to composing and post effects. This is not a “step-by-step” tutorial, here you will find explanations of my techniques.
    To create this image I used ZBrush 2.0 for modelling and rendering, and Fireworks MX....

  • "Modo - ZBrush Displacement workflow with Displacement Exporter" by Zoltan Korcsok
    Hello, I'm going to show you, how to create and apply a displacement map with the help of a WIP model.

  • "A guide to re-topologising" by Wayne Robson
    Re-topologising a mesh, that’s one heck of a mouthful that sounds complex and scary to people new-ish to modelling. Really it’s nothing of the kind, it’s a simple concept that’s easy to grasp and put into practice. Topology are the edge loops on your model, most people are aware......

  • "Old Man" by Oskar Swierad & Kamil Makowski
    In this tutorial we will explain how we have created the artwork “Old man - Portrait”. At the beginning - modelling and unwrapping was done in Blender, detailing and rendering in Zbrush and some post production with Photoshop. You must be a bit familiar with...

  • "Making Taho" by Michel Roger - Translated by Julien Dephix
    Always seeking new modelling techniques with Maya or Max using Surface, PatchSmooth, MeshSmooth, box
    modeling, edge modeling and so on, I must admit I was feeling frustrated with these techniques which I found
    long and tedious. It takes a long white to create something out of a cube !