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The 10 most popular articles from January to March

By 3dtotal staff

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Date Added: 14th April 2014

Check out our round-up of the most popular tips, tricks, interviews and reviews
from the last 3 months.


2014 has been an exciting and productive year so far, with the successful release of 2 more books in the 3dtotal range, The Unreal Game Engine and 3ds Max Projects, as well as adding the final touches to our successful Sketch Workshop Kickstarter campaign.

The website has remained busy too, so we thought we'd round up the 10 most popular articles from the last 3 months in case you missed anything! With an average of over 8,000 page views each, there's top tips, interviews and reviews jam-packed with useful information for the 3D artist.

1. 10 top 3D modeling tips

Some of the world's most exciting 3D artists share their top tricks and pro tips to help you master modeling and become an all-round better artist.


2. What to expect from V-Ray 3.0 By Javi Martínez

Javi Martínez checks out V-Ray 3.0 to see what improvements are in store to help artists render even more incredibly photorealistic virtual environments.


3. Interview with Blur Studio's Mike Johnson

We talk to Blur Studio's Mike Johnson about life as a scene assembler for big-name cinematics.


4. 10 top 3D texturing tips

The world's most exciting 3D artists share top tricks and pro tips to help you tackle texturing to become an all-round better artist.


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