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Once we totality skinned the clothing, select the Root and move it. Normally all the vertexes of clothing should follow the Root in its displacement.

If necessary certain vertexes that are not influenced at 100% by bones, should be adjusted so that is the case.
Make this checking after each end of skinning on the following objects.

And now the head. Begin with linking the eyes to the Face bone (in green).

998_tid_image47.jpg 998_tid_image46.jpg

For the head we can trim the work of skinning well by moving the zone of influence of the Face bone as above, by moving
the reference marks in gray. Indeed the zone of influence of anything is not centered on the bone even that is quite practical sometimes.

Adjust the zone of influence of the bone Vertebrae 03 as opposite.

998_tid_image49.jpg 998_tid_image51.jpg 998_tid_image50.jpg

Make two rotations, one tilted back and the other tilted forward with the frame 1 and 2 for example.
Start by adjusting the weights with the head tilted back, then finish the head tilted forward correct the joint.
By making the adjustments for with dimensions and by selecting the vertexes two to two in right-angled selection we adjust the weights in a symmetrical way.


Let us rotate the head right and inclined to check that all occurs normally

Of course for an optimal result it would be necessary to have more bones for the vertebrae but here it is sufficient with the armour and the hair covering.

A large piece now with the glove and especially all the fingers..
Regulate the zones of influences of each bone as previously.


Then rotate the shoulder, bring the arm to horizontal to the frame 1 by ex.


Then carry out a rotation of 45° on the bone Before Bras 2 and the same thing on the bone Main.
That makes it possible to place the hand horizontally, it is more practical to observe during skinning.


This rotational movement of before arm is called the pronation. Adjust the weights to have a regular torsion on the glove.

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