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Joan of Arc: Skinning

By Michel Roger
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Date Added: 24th March 2010
Software used:
3ds Max

998_tid_image63.jpg 998_tid_image64.jpg

Turn the wrist to show a raised and lowered position of the hand.

998_tid_image65.jpg 998_tid_image66.jpg

For the moment we deal only with the adjustment of the vertexes of the wrist and we leave the remainder of the vertexes influenced by the Main bone just as they are.

Adjustment of a Finger.

For this it is necessary to make 3 frames each time an inflection is used.


998_tid_image90b.jpg 998_tid_image90d.jpg

Adjust in each frame the weights vertexes.

This principle is valid for the 3 other fingers, annular, major and index.

998_tid_image90j.jpg 998_tid_image90i.jpg

998_tid_image74.jpg 998_tid_image76.jpg

The skinning of the 4 finished fingers.

998_tid_image90h.jpg 998_tid_image90g.jpg

Aspect of the influence of the Hand bone once all fingers are skinned.

998_tid_image75.jpg 998_tid_image82.jpg

998_tid_image83.jpg 998_tid_image84.jpg

With the thumb now with 4 frames for 4 orientations of the phalanges.

998_tid_image90f.jpg 998_tid_image90e.jpg

Zones of respective influences of the three bones of the thumb.

998_tid_image80.jpg 998_tid_image77.jpg

Corresponding adjustments.

It is illusionary with so few bones to remake a perfectly moving hand but it is an acceptable approach.

998_tid_image79.jpg 998_tid_image78.jpg

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