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3D Stylized Head Tutorial

By Athey Nansel-Moravetz
Web: Open Site
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Date Added: 25th May 2010
Software used:
3ds Max

Okay, so this is what I ended up with. Now we'll combine the two objects and actually weld the verticies together.

Select the face mesh, click on editable poly and find the attach button in the parameters under the modifier stack. Click the button and it'll turn 'on'. Now click on the back of the head and it'll become white. It is not attached to the face and they are one object. Click on the attack button again to turn it off and go into vertex mode.

Switch to perspective view and examine the model. Chances are need to move some verticies around before they're close enough to each other. Do this first and get the verts as close to each other as possible before you start welding. When you have two verticies and choose to weld them, it'll average the distance between them and make that the location of the new single verticie. We want to keep the verts were the face border is, not the location of the sphere's edges

Once you've got all of your verts lined up and adjusted to a point where you're happy, select all of the verts and click the weld button

Pull the slider up so that the verts that are near each other weld together, but not so high that it starts pulling unwanted verts together.

The sphere that we attached to the head had a different smoothing group than the face did, so you'll probably want to go into polygon mode, select the back of the head and set it to the same smoothing group the rest of the head is. This step can actually wait till later, since we'll have to do it again soon anyways, but I tend to do it as I go since it helps me see the model better.

I went back to the side view and cute in the shape below to prepare for the ear. I also selected an edge, held down Shift, pulled it down to create a new polygon to complete the connection with the jaw. Remember to weld the verticies of any polygons you create this way

Now select the polygonal faces at the base of the ear and click the little box next to bevel. This time we want it to go out, and for the new face to be larger, so height and outline ammount both need to be a positive numbers


Click OK and go back to the left view. Move the selected faces back and scale/rotate them any that you feel is nessecary.

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