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The idea to model this animal came when someone suggested to make a speed-challenge about naked molerats. I didn't know before that those animals exist, but I was fascinated, not only about their looks but also about the living habits (they live in colonies like bees or ants, with a queen and workers and soldiers, they feel no pain cause some gene is missing, ...)

In this making of I'll show you how the naked molerat was done, using Wings3d for modelling, XSI for posing, Corel Photopaint for textures and postproduction and 3dsmax for the final setup and render in Vray.

I won't speak much about the modelling part, the focus is more on the 2d aspects of the project which are texturing and postproduction.
You'll see how I use copy and paste for texturing, and how I use layers to achieve certain effects.

Reference images

The first step is gathering references. I always google for references in several different languages, so I find more. In the end I had 52 different pictures of the naked mole rat, and by the way came across some interesting facts about this strange animal on Wikipedia.



I modelled in Wings3d. I started by extruding a raw shape from a box, and went on by connecting edges, moving, rotating and scaling parts, extruding, sliding etc., always trying to keep my loops going along the folds of the naked molerat skin.
While modelling I had one of the reference pictures opened in a separate window at the side.
I modelled the molerat in a neutral, symmetrical pose, because it seems less work, even if the final pose won't look like this.


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