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Making Of 'It's Time for Bullets!'

By Lior Avivi
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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:
3ds Max
Select the texture layer (the brown metal); press Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V to create a new layer, with brown metal in the shape of the texts.

Change the Lightness in the Hue/Saturation window to (-)15. Delete the black text merged layer. (Fig.24)

Fig. 24

Create an Elliptical Marquee; start with the main vertex and use Shift + Alt to create a uniform-scale circle. (Fig.25)

Fig. 25

Create a new layer, change it to Soft Light and change its opacity to 16. Select the Brush tool, and with 255, 18, 51 RGB colours start painting in the selected marquee circle a soft non-uniformed frame (this red paint symbolises that this shell is a recycled one). (Fig.26)

Fig. 26

At this point we have now finished the Shell texture.


Again, open the texported UVs, invert and use the blending options to delete the whites. Add the 3 layers, change their Layer Styles and merge them together. Scale them down to fit the 1024 x 1024 canvas.

Press Ctrl + U to fire up the Hue/Saturation window. Check Colorize and change the spinners to 29, 43, -62.(Fig.27)

Fig. 27

Use the following image to paint the tip of the projectile.

Existing types: duplex (left) and triplex (right) projectiles. There is also a single colour, and of course no colours. (Fig.28)

Fig. 28

  • Black (RGB 21, 21, 33) - Armour piercing projectile
  • Red (RGB 111, 19, 40) - Tracer (night glowing) projectile
  • Azure (RGB 73, 106, 149) - Incendiary projectile (starts burning upon contact)
  • Green (RGB 5, 190, 4) - Frangible projectile (designed to disintegrate into tiny particles upon impact to mizimize penetration)
  • Blue - Expanding projectile (dumdum hollow point - creates a larger wound channel with greater blood loss and trauma)

Check back in Max where the pointy head tip is located related to the UV map (is it on the left side of the UVs? Is it on the right? (and so on)). In my case, the tip of the projectile is located on the left end of the UVs.

Start painting colours using the RGB data. Try to wave it a bit, but remember that,  because of the mapping, the 2 edges need to be aligned.

After finishing the tip colours, create a mask for later use. Where you created , make a black solid colour, and where there is the original texture fill it with white. (Fig.29)

Fig. 29

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