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Create a Game Character: Jouster - part 8

By Adam Fisher
Web: Open Site
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Date Added: 13th August 2013
Software used:
Photoshop, Maya, ZBrush, Misc

Step 6: Dirt

It's time to get dirty! Create a new group below the bakes group called "Dirt/Grunge". In this group use a grunge brush to add some subtle dirt and scuff marks. I imagine that the lights on the back were some kind of boosters that would leave scorch marks on the armor.

To paint the scorch marks, use a Soft Round brush with the hardness around 50% and create small strokes in the direction that the blast would occur. Then use the Smudge tool to go over the area, smudging the brushstrokes in the direction of the blast.


Step 7: Specular map

The Specular map is used to define the strength and color of the specular highlights. To create the Specular map, begin by adjusting the base colors for the armor. For the orange-painted metal parts of the armor I have inverted the color to get a light-blue color. This will help create a white specular highlight.

Go through the layers to adjust the opacity, hue and saturation as needed. The scorch marks and dirt will have no specularity, so they will be very dark. Increase the brightness of the larger scratches and increase the layer opacity of the small scratches. This will make the scratch highlights really pop as light moves over the armor.


Step 8: Gloss map

The Gloss map is used to control the sharpness of the specular highlights. To begin creating the Gloss map, add a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer at the top of all of the layers and turn the saturation to -100. Go through each layer again and adjust the brightness as needed.

Adding some extra grunge, dirt and texture to both the Specular and Gloss maps can make the materials looks more realistic. Both the Specular and Gloss generally require a little bit of tweaking to get them to work well together with the diffuse, so be sure to test how they look on the model as you are working. Marmoset requires the Gloss map to be put into the Alpha channel of the Specular map.


Step 9: Normal map details

nDo2, Crazybump and a few other programs/plug-ins can be used to add some extra details to the Normal map. I use nDo2 to add the scratches and metal texture detail to the Normal map.

Open the Normal map in Photoshop and with nDo2, select Mix > Normal to nDo2. Next collapse the scratches group and the metal textures group from the diffuse texture and move them into the normal map document. Then in nDo2 press Convert for each of the scratch/texture layers and adjust the nDo2 settings as needed.

Once finished adjusting the options, in nDo2 change the Blend mode to Overlay.

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