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Create a Game Character: Jouster - part 3

By Adam Fisher
Web: Open Site
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Date Added: 13th August 2013
Software used:
Photoshop, Maya, ZBrush, Misc

Step 3: Create the leg armor

Duplicate the body again, hide everything except for the left leg and then Delete Hidden. I find it easier to work on one leg and then mirror it over later; an important thing to note is to make sure the leg armor never goes over the symmetry line or it will cause the leg armor to intersect when we mirror it.

Again, we'll be using DynaMesh to maintain nice and even sculpting topology. The leg armor is quite large and bulky, so begin by using the Move and Clay brushes to pull out the profile of the leg armor.

At this stage, we are just trying to block in the rough shapes, so don't be concerned about spending time making everything perfect. Use the Clay brush to build up the surface and the DamStandard to cut into the mesh. Use the Smooth and hPolish brushes to smooth out the surfaces. The hPolish brush is also great for creating edges where two planes meet, like the edge running down the front of the lower leg!


Step 4: Leg armor plates

For the 2 separate plates on the upper leg and the feet, I use the same process. Use the Mask brush to paint out the shape of the plate and then use Extract (SubTool > Extract > Extract) to create a new SubTool from the masked area. You may need to adjust the Thickness setting to find the correct thickness of the plate.

Pressing the Extract button will preview the new mesh; once you are happy with the settings, press Accept (SubTool>Extract>Accept). Like most other SubTools, we'll use DynaMesh to allow us to pull the extracted meshes into shape. Use the Move and hPolish brushes to clean up the mesh.


Step 5: Next step - arm armor

For both the lower and then the upper arm sections of the armor, select the body SubTool and mask the shape of the armor piece. Use Extract again to create the new SubTools, only this time set the thickness set to 0. Once DynaMesh is turned on, it will close off any holes in the top and bottom of the geometry.

For the large shoulder plate and the elbow piece use the extract process again, except this time give the mesh some thickness.

Use the Move brush to pull out the overall shapes of the armor, and then use the Clay and hPolish brushes to define the curves. Once the larger shapes are in place, use the DamStandard to define any segments in the armor.


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