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Of course this process is used only when it's convenient and easier to model this way rather than modeling from scratch in Max, but a lot of the props were still just modeled the old box modeling way.

And here's the full character already retopologized and ready for UVs (Fig.07 - 09).


UVs in Max

The third step was to have its UVs ready. I worked on all that in Max and at the end I separated him into eight UV shells: head, cloths, torso, arms, legs, boots, props and engine (Fig.10). Each one was meant to have a 4k texture.


With the character already modeled and UVs ready, I then exported each of the eight parts as OBJs back into ZBrush, and created a ZTL file for each one for later ZBrush detailing.

Sculpting Details in ZBrush

Here is where I put some more specific details I wanted for the character, like scratches, rust and prints on the metal; stitches and wear on the leathers; veins and wrinkles on the skin, etc. There are some details I prefer doing later while texturing, like tears (using opacity maps), leather wrinkles (using bump maps) and cloth bumps, etc. I think it's easier and faster to create these kinds of details later rather than sculpting them in ZBrush. The following images show some ZBrush sculpting examples I did for this guy. Head scratches and prints on the metal (Fig.11).

Fig. 11

Cloth folds, wrinkles and stitches (Fig.12)


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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
(ID: 303796, pid: 0) Parham on Wed, 15 October 2014 11:39pm
That was just AWESOME ! Thank you for sharing, there was lots of improvements for me after watching this :D ;)
(ID: 280737, pid: 0) Vlad on Thu, 12 June 2014 1:03pm
Really good work! I can just imagine how much work is to retopo the whole thing in 3ds max. but the end result is really great! Thx for sharing!
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