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How to Stylize and Model 'Toon Humans - Chapter 2: Posing and Texturing

By Jose Alves da Silva
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Date Added: 31st January 2013
Software used:
3ds Max, ZBrush

By clicking the Protect or Attract buttons under Enable Control Painting you will be able to paint the surface in red, to define the areas that should not have seams, and blue to attract those seams. The UV Master does not allow you to specify exactly where you want the seams. If you need that kind of control you should use an external tool to create the UVs.

- Choose the Protect button and paint the face, chest and the outside of the arms.
- Choose Attract and paint the inside of the arms, the back and the back of the head.

UV Master 3

- In the UV Master, disable Symmetry and enable Polygroups.
- Click Unwrap. ZBrush will generate the UVs (Fig.03).
- To see the flattened UVs press Flatten. Choose Unflatten to go back.
- To check the seams press Check Seams and they will be displayed in orange.


For a finer adjustment of the UVs we can export this model to 3ds Max.

- From the Tool menu, press the GoZ button (Make sure the selected application is 3ds Max. You can change it by pressing the R button in front of the GoZ button).

Editing UVs

- 3ds Max will be automatically launched with the model in the scene.
- Select the upper body mesh.
- Choose Unwrap UVW from the modifiers list.
- In the Unwrap UVW press Edit.

You can now modify the UVs in an easier way than inside ZBrush (Fig.04). I wanted to give more UV space to the head than the rest of the body as this is a very important area of the character. To do this:

- In the Edit UVWs window enable Select Element under Selection Modes. This way by selecting a single vertex/edge/face you will select the whole UV island.
- Select the head UVs and scale them up to about the double of the original size.
- Select, move and rotate all the islands so that everything fits inside the UVs limit.
- When finished go to the top bar and in the GoZ menu choose GoZBrush.


UV Master 4

ZBrush will show the updated mesh. If you use the Flatten option in the UV Master plugin you will notice that the UVs are updated.

We are still working on the Cloned tool, so we will have to copy the UVs to the original model.

- In the UV Master menu click on Copy UVs.
- Select the original tool and make sure that the upper body subtool is selected.
- In the UV Master menu click on Paste UVs.

In Fig.05 I have applied a checkered image that comes with the UV Master plugin as a texture map, to verify the UVs.


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