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Making Of 'The Meeting'

By Markus Lovadina
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Date Added: 1st November 2012
Software used:

Details and Sun

The colors felt much better after the modifications and so I concentrated more on the detail. By using my customized cloud brush, I painted some fog into the background and the lower areas. With a yellowish soft, round gradient on a new layer, I simulated the foggy sun and defined my main light source as well. Later on, I painted in a huge technical structure with a specially made brush. For the little glowing effect on the river, I used the Burn tool with a soft round brush, set to approximately 10% (lights) (Fig.04).

Fig. 04

The Young Man

When I was happy with the look of the whole image, I started to paint in some basic shapes for the young man. When I start to paint a figure, I keep my strokes pretty loose and rough. I basically use a hard round brush for the blocking and erase certain areas to get the shape of a head, the upper body, etc. A bright yellowish tone, which was picked from the river (Pipette tool), was used to define the frontal lighting for the guy. The highlights are painted with a smaller, hard round brush, set to Opacity and the value blending was done by using the Smudge tool (Fig.05).

Fig. 05

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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
(ID: 160128, pid: 0) Ignacio197 on Mon, 05 November 2012 10:43am
Hi Markus, Thanks for the tutorial. I saw the image a while ago and thought it was quite good the mood you achieved. One very simple question, what do you mean in this sentence: 'When working with the Lasso tool, I used a lot of my P'n'E technique (paint and erase) I blocked my base color and erased the irrelevant areas' by 'blocked my base color'. I try to use some shapes in my images, and have been trying this technique (which I saw you use somewhere else) of erasing then the parts of the shape I dont want. The problem is that sometimes you can tell some parts have been erased, the transition is not so smooth. Maybe there is a better way of deleting parts, thas why the 'blocked my base color' caught my attention. Thanks!
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