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The clothes and folds were sculpted using the standard Sculpt brush, using two different settings in the falloff with the steady stroke turned on (Fig.07 - 08). The additional pieces of the dress on the character's legs were created in Maya, mixing a couple of solutions. First I used nCloth simulation. I created a wide plane with enough divisions to get some nice folds and I used a copy of the posed character to work as a collider (Fig.09). Of course the result after a few simulations wasn't going to be exactly what I wanted in the final composition, so I picked a couple of "frames" of the deformed plane and did the final tweaking and extra folds inside Mudbox, using the Grab brush and the same brush I used for the rest of the clothing (Fig.10).





At this point I had blocked the final camera angle inside Maya, so it was easier for me to work with the shape of the cloth and to get a nice flow and composition with the rest of the objects in Mudbox. It was the same process for the hair, which I created in Maya by drawing some guide curves. This is very basic but again, I was trying to integrate them with good aesthetics into the scene. I extruded some cubes along the curves to get a solid base mesh to sculpt in Mudbox. The tool I used to sculpt the hair was a thin Wax brush with Steady Stroke turned on (Fig.11 - 13).


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(ID: 158726, pid: 0) Me on Mon, 29 October 2012 11:34am
It will be better to attach a pdf next time. Nice tut buddy.
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It's so great, thank for sharing the process....
(ID: 112328, pid: 0) Roberto (Prehistor) on Sun, 29 April 2012 7:18am
Another Great tutorial, thank you very much Carlos!
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awesome!I like the way you started the project!
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