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24. Then I select those polygons, ONE HOLE AT A TIME, and mirror each one (hit (Shift/V) or go to MULTIPLY/Mirror). The drawback of this is that you will have to correct the point locations. Select the affected points and drag them to where they should be.

1446_tid_Image3-35.jpg 1446_tid_Image3-36.jpg

25. A big job, I know. After you are finished, do a FIXED point merge with a 30 mm distance, and then, in the polygon edit mode, select all of the polygons and name them "oar_ports"..

26. Cut and paste the hole liners into layer five, and this is what you have. Save your file as ship_tute9.lwo

27. Now for the deck. Go to layer 5. You'll have to back-paddle a bit here, for convenience. Go to the Polygon Stat window and slide down to Surf: none. Click and hold on the down-facing triangle and select surface Hull_In2. Copy and paste it to layer 6.

28. Now, in layer 6, in the side view carefully select these points. Copy them to layer 7.


29. Switch back to layer 6 and delete what's in there. Switch back to layer 7 and copy and paste the points to the empty layer 6. Back in layer 6, in the top view, you have one set of points, and you know there is an identical set in layer 7. Select all of the points in layer six and do a (Ctrl/v) (Set Value). The Set Value window pops up. Change the axis to Z (in my case, and I hope in yours as well) and click "ok".

30. All the selected point zip up to the Z = zero line.

31. Cut (x) and paste the points into layer 7 and delete the ones that are too close together, as I have.

32. And now it's back to routine. Select the points in sets of four, sequentially, and hit (p). If any polygons face down, flip the up. Go to the Polygon Edit mode and select all polygons and name them "Deck2". Then follow-through with the Surface editor, and change their color back to that of Default. Next, cut and paste the deck into layer 5.

33. In layer 5 you will now have a double-sided hull, with oarports and a deck surface. Save your file as ship_tute9.lwo

At this point it remains your option to duplicate all of the steps necessary to create an inner and outer hull as well as a top rail surface for the hull section without oar ports. I will only work on the hull with oar ports from here on.

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