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Okay, so with the background finished, let's move on.


Back in 3ds Max, I opened the scene which I called Main_Scene_. The file Unicorn_001 was then inserted into the scene and moved out so that its position coincided with the main axes of the SShip_Pivots (Fig.19). I rendered the resulting scene with an alpha channel, and inserted the result in the Photoshop scene, Test_001.


Flame Effects

For this, I used one light source, of the Omni type, and the free Trail plug-in from Mr. Kuznetsova ( Basically, it's possible to use not just one source of illumination for the creation of a flame through the help of this plug-in. First of all, to achieve a high quality "blast", I changed the Particle Quantity parameter, which I set to 2000 (Menu.07).  , so in the Brightness tab under Final, under the Particle Visualize Parameters section, I made it 30. I also increased the Initial/Final Balance parameter to 0.75. With everything done correctly, I ended up with the result shown (Fig.20).



At this stage it was all about refining the image (Fig.21). As before, I used some filters - Channel Mixer and Photo filter, to achieve the final results shown in Fig.22. To check the accuracy, I superimposed the image of the original markings onto the final image (Fig.23), and for greater emphasis I added two black stripes to the top and bottom of the picture, but this simply a matter of personal tastes (Fig.24).




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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
(ID: 27872, pid: 0) SimonR on Tue, 23 November 2010 10:24am
Wonderful, great work one which i will be looking at to create my own worlds and space scenes.
(ID: 27870, pid: 0) Strannik on Tue, 23 November 2010 8:42am
I have sacrificed a certain path of realism for the sake of entertainment.
(ID: 27815, pid: 0) StefanC on Mon, 22 November 2010 1:37pm
Absolutely amazing ! it shocks me how some of the most awesome looking images are made with such simple techniques, Everything looks good the only thing I think is odd though is that the jet flame from unicorn 1 is orange, Flames don't get effected by its surrounding lights right ?
Munkybutt's Avatar
(ID: 27810, pid: 823415) Maksimka1980 (Forums) on Mon, 22 November 2010 11:40am
Excellent article. Thank you very much!
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