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Texturing Image Breakdown - Squatters

By Richard Tilbury
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Date Added: 11th May 2011
Software used:
3ds Max, Photoshop, mental ray

The Cabin

As one of the main focal points in the scene the cabin was unwrapped, especially considering the low poly count and fact that Bump and Specular maps would contribute a lot of the detail. Fig.05 shows the cleaner version of the texture alongside a scene render (inset). You can see that there is some evidence of rust and dirt, but it is quite subtle compared to the more weathered one that we shall look at shortly.

Fig. 05

The general rust layer is set to Soft Light at around 50% opacity and the dirt along the base of the cabin running below the door is set to Multiply also at 50% opacity. In order to create a more weathered version I set the rust layer to Overlay and ramped up the Curves slightly as well as turning the dirt layer up to 100% opacity (Fig.06). The band of dirt has been sampled from an image of old metal taken from Total Textures: V13:R2 - Textures from around the World 2 by color-selecting the orange areas. In view of these changes I also made sure to color correct the line of rivets that run vertically up the front of the cabin and below the window, as well as the two panels housed on the front (1-2).

Fig. 06

To add a little more interest I included some examples of graffiti from Total Textures: V5:R2 - Dirt & Graffiti by way of a Composite map once again. Fig.07 shows where these two layers are situated on the cabin (1-2) and the settings used. You can see in the window on the far right that the base texture makes up Layer 1 and both graffiti samples utilize a mask.

Fig. 07


This final part will orientate around the series of pipes that form the central part of the image. Because the crux of this tutorial has been to age the scene using numerous Dirt maps and textures I decided to create different stages of wear and tear. For the newer version I used an Arch & Design material in conjunction with a Color map that was applied to the central and horizontal pipe (Fig.08). The horizontal pipe corresponds with the non-metallic section of the texture, which represents a coating of paint. The vertical one uses a similar texture but is part of another template incorporating the two lower cabins.

Fig. 08

The texture that comprises the two lowest pipes as well as the horizontal one has been aged using a number of images from the Total Textures collection. Fig.09 shows a few examples and how these have been incorporated into the template.

Fig. 09

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Munkybutt's Avatar
(ID: 42513, pid: 858450) Rocneasta (Forums) on Fri, 13 May 2011 7:51pm
"Get CG Rich with 3DT Rich" :)
Munkybutt's Avatar
(ID: 42512, pid: 858415) Freespace-3DT (Forums) on Fri, 13 May 2011 1:48pm
Very cool stuff! There are so many ways to combine the textures on the DVDs, you can do almost anything.
Munkybutt's Avatar
(ID: 42451, pid: 858254) Gfxengine (Forums) on Thu, 12 May 2011 3:39pm
thx a bunch mate ! was looking for some tuts :wave:
Munkybutt's Avatar
(ID: 42450, pid: 858246) ClassicGamer-3DT (Forums) on Thu, 12 May 2011 2:36pm
Rich I love your breakdown's for texturing i've learn't alot thanks to you. This is great! Cheers :)
Munkybutt's Avatar
(ID: 42359, pid: 858035) Matt_3dtotal (Forums) on Wed, 11 May 2011 12:43pm
50% off Total Textures 19 DVD Bundle. Now also available as a download!!![URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]
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