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Rigging in 3DS Max

By Michael Bauer
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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:
3ds Max

Select on our new circle, and using the Align tool align the circle to the box helper that represents the hips, ensuring that the align tool is setup as shown in the image (Fig.18).

Fig. 18

Now make a copy of this circle (right-click > Clone > check Copy, not Instance) and make it smaller (lower the radius under the Parameters rollout). Then make 2 more copies of the circle and align each one to one to the other helpers on our spine (Fig.19).

Fig. 19

Copy again one of these smaller circles and align it to one of the blue crosses (IK solver). Then make it smaller still (radius = 6). Now copy this circle and align it to the other IK solver, like so (Fig.20).

Fig. 20

Now we link.

Link each object as shown in the image (Fig.21). Be sure to do the green links first and then the orange.

Fig. 21

Again, what is the root of this Hierarchy?

The outer circle!

So if we move the outer circle, everything should follow. Test it now.

Remember to undo to put it back where it was.

Before we move on, we need to make a couple more IK solvers (sorry I forgot!).

Back in the Display panel uncheck Geometry so we can see our guy again. Now simply add IK from the Foot to the Toe for each side (Fig.22).

Fig. 22

Now go to Create > Helpers and create a Dummy object right in front of one of the toes (Fig.23)

Fig. 23

Next, just like we did before, we are going to create more copies of this object and then align them to each of IK solvers for the feet (Fig.24).

Fig. 24

If you would like to hide the geometry again you can, because now we need to link each IK solver to their respective Dummy (Fig.25).

Fig. 25

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(ID: 287305, pid: 0) Tureli_ on Wed, 16 July 2014 10:35pm
help when I do I back out such result
(ID: 281753, pid: 0) Bug.ikki on Thu, 19 June 2014 12:51pm
Very helpful for a beginner. Thank you very much.
(ID: 208556, pid: 0) HEMA on Wed, 24 July 2013 8:39pm
Awsome tutorial...thanks..
(ID: 198032, pid: 0) Shivaji on Fri, 17 May 2013 3:34pm
nice tuts buddy!!
(ID: 162231, pid: 0) Shemski on Thu, 15 November 2012 9:11am
thanks a lot. well done.
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