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Maing Of 'The Punk'

By Vikram.V
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Date Added: 3rd June 2010
Software used:
3ds Max, ZBrush


"Punk" is a character inspired from one of the models on The intention was to make a character aesthetically pleasing, which stood out from the rest and had a unique design. After some research I found out that there were not many models of punk type characters, so I decided to go in that direction.

In this article, I will try to explain the process I followed to create the character. I collected as many punk references as possible from the internet and started the modeling process. My base mesh was Nick Zuccarello's free ztool model available from his blogspot: This base mesh is constructed from quads and is relatively dense, so it serves as a good starting point

My work speed is much faster in ZBrush than it is in 3ds Max, so I prefer doing most of my organic modeling in ZBrush (Fig.01).

Fig. 01


One of the most interesting parts of character modeling is sculpting. To flesh out a character I use the Clay brush or the Claytubes brush most of the time. Somehow, I cannot get around using the Standard brush; it seems to be destructive in a certain way and if used with too much depth, it tends to take the control away from the artist. The Claytubes brush, on the other hand, has an additive way of adding detail. It adds flat details to a surface, so it works like traditional media.

During sculpting, the most important thing to do in my opinion is to keep turning the model and viewing it from all directions. This is particularly important during the fleshing out process because this is where the silhouette and proportions of the character are resolved. Once I was happy with the detail in the character, and its overall proportions, I went on to model the character's clothes (Fig.02).

Fig. 02


I created a mask for the vest, and used the Extract option under the Subtool palette to create a new subtool. I retopologized the extracted subtool to get a desired polyflow, deleted higher subd levels and started to sculpt it into a vest. I use the lazy mouse, along with the gravity feature under the brush settings, to make a fold flow with gravity (Fig.03).

Fig. 03

Pants and Shoes

I created the pants in the same way, extracting, retopologizing and sculpting. The only major additions for the pants were the tears. The tears were easy to sculpt. I made Selection masks for the tears, pushed them inwards (the body will be viewed over it) and used the Snake Hook brush for the strands.

The shoes were simple because the pants covered most of them. I went for a worn out look for the shoes, using alphas to make it look rough (Fig.04 - 05).

Fig. 04

Fig. 05

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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
(ID: 266692, pid: 0) Naoufal Dahouli on Tue, 08 April 2014 6:26pm
where u fount the textures? and how u do the clothes? please tell me the software u use for the clothes.thanks
(ID: 84348, pid: 0) Bearpinata on Sun, 05 February 2012 3:40pm
Excellent work on sculpting and detailing. I always cut people slack for 'style', but even so there are some *serious* anatomical issues with the shoulders, knees, etc. I know exactly which 3D.Sk reference you used for this character - you should go back and look at the reference again. No human has traps that insanely developed but with such droopy, squashed shoulders. Your early sculpts were actually looking much better in terms of anatomy - and something went terribly wrong with the low-poly mesh. Dont take this the wrong way: in terms of detailing this is top notch work - but you really need to work on anatomy.
(ID: 46061, pid: 0) Anand on Mon, 11 July 2011 6:37am
This is really cool dude. Awesome creation...this char can be used for any 3D Movies or Games... Good Job Da ;)
(ID: 14336, pid: 0) Deepam Pathak on Sun, 11 July 2010 12:43pm
I specially like the overall look of the character and texturing is also spot on. Very nice and detailed making of. . . really like it, keep it up!
Munkybutt's Avatar
(ID: 51579, pid: 794525) Chunkymunky (Forums) on Thu, 03 June 2010 1:09pm
Love this character, so much charm and excellent detailing within Zbrush, a really great breakdown and making of, thanks for sharing :)
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