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Extrude the edges to build the point.

Insert a vertex, then make visible the edges in red and the dotted red one invisible. (high right).

Lastly, with Edge Cut , insert a division into the model by activating the 3DSnap MidPoint.


Make any additional vertex adustments to form nice rounded curves.

Add Meshsmooth to check out your fantastic bit of modelling :)


Finally to finish the decoration, add a triangle by extruding the edge and by collapsant it.

Then make visible both edges like on the right.

Now it remains to build the faces to connect decoration to the remainder of the armour.

Go for as many quads as possible (rather than triangles)

Apply Meshsmooth to check the surface quality.

Possibly make any necessary vertex adjustments.

Here the smoothing is not perfect so I added a vertex and arranged the edges.

To improve the surface of this part, insert the edges in red with Cut.

Make invisible the edges shown in dotted lines.

As usual, do not make vertex adjustments in the meshsmooth level


Select the faces in red and then Extrude/Bevel.


Erase the the faces shown in red before following the last extrusion.

They are not necessary as you will see when joining the two halves of the armour.

Extrude with Shift+Scale the faces opposite.


Select the faces like on the left, apply Make Planar to have a quite plane surface.

Extrude as on the left

Then angle the Faces with Rotate on Y.

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